Gender disparities even with a negative gender wage gap: an empirical investigation


Dr. José Caraballo Cueto (


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Descripción de la investigación: In 2013, Puerto Rico became the first country with a statistically significant negative gender pay gap. The factors that may be driving this change in median earnings have not been examined by the related literature. Current driving forces such as "breaking the glass ceiling" do not fully explained this phenomenon.  Specially, since one of the relevant findings is that gender disparities stills persist within every educational level, including among workers with a college degree, even though women comprise among 60 percent of them. We attempt to fill this gap in the related literature by empirically evaluating current and new theoretical angles.  The study aims at identifying the elements that propend to an overall improvement of women economic position, while at the same time allowing for the continuation of gender disparities within groups.  Differences in returns to education may be one of the explanatory factors driving those changes, as they differ among men and women across levels of education and one’s number of children.