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Outcome Objectives

Students will:
1. be able to read, interpret, and critically analyze a broad range of texts
2. be able to express themselves effectively in reflective, persuasive, and analytical modes of speaking and writing
3. demonstrate their knowledge of current theories and concepts associated with literary studies and linguistics, including interdisciplinary approaches to the study of English.
4. demonstrate their knowledge of historical traditions of literatures and cultures in English, as well as more contemporary and emergent movements
5. demonstrate their knowledge of the socializing force of language and the uses of literature and language in a variety of English-speaking communities
6. conduct research, using a variety of appropriate information technologies; and produce work that demonstrates an awareness of social responsibility.

Profile of the Graduate with a B.A. in English

To fulfill the program goals within the major, the department will offer a baceleor’s program through which students will:

a. Become conversant in diverse and current areas of English studies.
b. Develp essential speaking, writing, critical, and analytical abilities for success in their field, their future professions, and their lives.
c. Use the language and their learning both within and beyond the university classroom
d. Enhance their sense of social responsibility.

Uniqueness of the program

UPR-Cayey offers an ample variety of middle level courses that target topics of interest for students not only from the area of Arts but also from the area of the Sciences. Course content covers topics related to Women Studies, Gender, and Caribbean Studies.

The department has a highly prepared faculty in these areas. The academic offerings follow a five year course rotation. Students who consider graduate studies have the advantage of taking an additional focus (12 credits) in areas of Women Studies, Gender, Multicultural Studies and Caribbean Diaspora.


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